There’s no denying we all like a tasty treat and the odd sugar hit – but the problem with eating refined, gluten-rich, sugary food, is the impact it has on the body. Everything you eat will either support or sap your body and vitality because, while it’s cliché, you are what you eat. This is particularly true for people who suffer from coeliac disease, gluten hyper-sensitivity, wheat allergies and of course diabetes.

Commemorating Coeliac Awareness Month

Coeliac disease used to be considered a rare disease however as disease testing protocols have improved, it’s become clear that the reality is quite different. Affecting men and woman, adults and children, this immune condition currently has no cure.When people with wheat allergies or coeliac disease eat gluten – a protein in grains like wheat, rye, and barley – they experience a range of uncomfortable side effects. Digestive issues, fatigue, mood swings, migraines and brain fog are just some of the symptoms experienced when you are gluten intolerant.

Aware that for many, their eating choices are controlled by their allergies, illnesses and food sensitivities, we have and continue to extend our gluten-free pre-mix ranges. Through these products we have found a way to help those who are gluten intolerant – so that they too may enjoy variety in their diets; delicious meals bursting with flavour.

At Nutriseed we provide wholesome alternatives for those who cannot tolerate gluten; ours is functional food made with integrity.

Despite the complexity of the processes that make our products uniquely NuSeed and NuMe – we favour a less is more approach to our ingredient profiles. We pack in flavour without pumping our products full of unnecessary contaminants. There’s nothing synthetic about our ingredients – no artificial additives – only pure, wholesome, natural goodness.

Functional Food

Each ingredient is carefully considered before being included in a NutriSeed recipe.  Not just gluten-free, the products include specifically chosen foods that make it functional food that’s good for you. The pre-mix cupcakes for example include pecan nut flour, cocoa butter, cocoa, xylitol, and bicarb and cream of tartar. Each of these ingredients has its own unique health benefits.

Pecan nut flower for example is high in fibre, manganese which is a powerful anti-oxidant, rich in magnesium which has anti-inflammatory properties, and it contains oleic acid which has been found to help in the prevention of breast cancer. And that’s just the benefits of one ingredient. Bicarb and cream of tartar reduces inflammation, neutralises acid and balances the body’s PH. Cocoa balances cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and cocoa butter is a healthy fat and a powerhouse of antioxidents, while xylitol is a prebiotic that helps with candida and dental health.

Nutriseed also recognises that for gluten susceptible individuals to avoid unsuitable foods and to manage their conditions, they are reliant on accurate food labelling. For this reason all our packaging includes specific ingredient listings.

No Compromise

Constantly innovating and introducing new lines, we are determined to provide more choice, more convenience and plenty of guilt-free pleasures that are good for you.  We try and help consumers build a bridge between bad eating habits and a healthier lifestyle, without compromising on taste and convenience.

Few would argue that in life there’s little more valuable than health and time and at Nutriseed that’s what we stand for. That’s what we advocate. Convenience without compromise. Delicious flavours that honour the nutritional integrity of each ingredient – prepared in a way that accentuates the natural taste of each carefully chosen component of our food.


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