Our Story

Our family business started decades ago with the manufacturing & packing of health foods.

In that space we soon realised that consumers felt that eating healthy didn't taste great, was very time consuming & often overly expensive.

This ignited a fire within us to bring flavoursome, delicious-nutritious, healthy snacking & baking to the market. We also wanted our products to be convenient & affordable for people looking for healthier options...and so... Nutriseed was born.

Today we have a wide range of delicious seed snacks in a variety of both sweet & savoury flavours plus an indulgent keto baking range that we have aptly named 'Not So Naughty' because although its highly nutritious & can be enjoyed guilt free...it tastes delectably naughty.

Every product has been developed with love & the idea of bringing JOY back into healthy eating!

Our Vision

To enable longer, fuller, more abundant lives, throughout the world, by creating delicious-nutritious healthy food, snacks & treats!

Our Mission

Bringing seeds to life.

Bringing the ‘tastes like naughty’ to the ‘Not So Naughty’.

Bringing healthier snacks, foods & treats, conveniently packaged, to families across the globe.

Bringing the joy!

Giving Back

A few years ago we discovered that one of our staff members was trying to help feed some children in the township that were not receiving regular meals, some going days without food. She would walk through the streets with a whistle to gather them and give them each a sandwich.

We immediately rallied around her & started to support her efforts. Over the past 8 years we have grown this initiative to feed 150 children every Saturday.

At the end of each year we look forward to a celebration with these beautiful children and relish the opportunity to shower them with love & to speak into their lives. Each receiving a small Christmas gift from us, a fun day out with loads of activities & lots to eat and drink.

It's one of the best days of our year...we always leave with full hearts & the conviction to do more!

  • Nadine


  • Tammy

    General manager

  • Rebecca

    Production Manager

  • Lerato


  • Robyn

    Marketing Manager

  • Pamela

    Quality Control

  • Samuel

    IT Administrator